I was just recently provided with the amazing opportunity of creating scripts as a project for my class. I wanted to do something cool and since I was inspired by CLI Pokidex projects made by people online I wanted to make my interactive bash program that could output colored character images and attributes directly to the terminal using the Rick and Morty API.

The Program uses The Rick and Morty API along with graphicsmagick and img2ascii to provide artistic representations of your favorite characters along with some details about them.

The Program currently displays the following attributes:

  • Name of the character
  • Last known location
  • Species
  • Mortality

I plan on implementing a feature where characters could be searched by name and not by ID. The Rick and Morty Universe currently has 641 characters all of which are available. Directions on how to install the script and run it locally can be found in GitHub. Here are some screenshots from the program.

You can visit the repository by following this link: https://github.com/uc-priyadmm/rickandmorty-cli